Things That Make Me Say Yeay!

March 23, 2013

We are officially on Easter Break, I am at least. Jeremy isn't until the week after Easter. Oh how I can't wait for next year when we are both working in the same school district (hopefully) and getting very similary breaks. For some odd reason colleges never match the school systems they are sitting in as far as breaks go. 

I decided to come home while I'm off for a few days and hang out in my hometown, which if you've ever been to Natchez you have probably seen this funny landmark. For me, Mammy's is the sign that after a lot of driving I am finally home! 

This little dude is cracking me up! When we went last night to see our childhood friend's new baby Connor we told Josh what the baby's name was, instead he kept saying "I'm going to see a baby named Child." Then, when this picture was taken, he was mad that my sister had removed his yo-yo from the death grip of his hands and decided to self punish himself in an odd protest form of time-out. ]

That wasn't the end of his funnies that night though, while I was doing yoga Joshua walked into the room and looks upsidedown at me, asks what I'm doing, then  scoffs and announces "Meme, they are doing it way better on the TV." Oh 3 year old how I love your honesty!

When I got home yesterday I realized I had recieved my confirmation email about Living Proof Live Bossier! Why does this excite me, aside from the fact that I love LPL events, you ask? Well I won 2 tickets on Beth Moore's blog a few weeks ago. This means the three of us, Mom, Laura, and I, are going to LPL and only having to buy one ticket and book the hotel room! Whoo hoo! The way things are with Jeremy in graduate school I couldn't commit to going before he got an internship, and even then it is still costly (which is why I couldn't go to Blissdom), but now we can all go:)The 3 of us do her simulcast at my home church every year and I just knew this would be the best girls trip ever, I entered and prayed that God would find a way for us to go. Beth Moore never comes to Louisiana, so this was definitely a must do trip, and Jeremy probably thought I was nuts when I called him screaming over the phone a few weeks ago that I won tickets and could go now! 

This little guy just cracks me up, he is finally starting to calm down as far at the puppy biting goes. Ugh, the oral stage just drives me nuts. Then again all babies go through it, I'm starting to believe Erikson's stages go for all animals, not just people. After a long day of not being home Rudy was determined to cuddle with me and crawled into my lap, flipped over, and passed out. Cute thing:)

While LEAP testing makes me want to rip my hair out, I literally thought I was going to stroke out during Phase 1, I did managed to get 12,000 steps in on my Fitbit during the school day. Blame it on my manic state, but I did get a good walking workout in during that awful test. 

If you aren't using the Timehop app I highly suggest you get it! I've said it before, but I've been on Facebook since it let ULM on in 2004, the good thing about nearly 10 years of social media is that you get to remember just where you were this days years ago. The other day I got this reminder, I started dating my silly husband 5 years ago Monday. He is such a goof, and I think that is a bit of what I admire about him. This picture really sums up a good part of Jeremy's personality for me, he is very confident in himself and doesn't mind being goofy. I on the other hand am very confident as well, but can't be goofy in just any situation. Then again, we really appreciate things that the other can do that we ourselves can't do. It just wouldn't be fun if we had too much in common. Let me also comment on the fact that he looks like a BABY here! Oh my word, without facial hair I almost worry that I married a high school-er. The man ages well.

After what many could call "the week from hell" based soley on LEAP, and then a whole other mess of garbage, I took a night off from Whole30 and got some dairy. Dairy in the form of a Reese's and Oreo Sonic Blast. While fruit tastes insanely sweet on a #whole30 it just doesn't satisfy when one is in desperate need of some good ole comfort food. Today I'm back on my A-game and detoxing my way out of Sonic with the good ole Dr. Oz juice cleanse. Seriously, I felt amazing on Whole30 all week, adding dairy and grains into my diet for one meal (I had a quesadilla for dinner that my mom made too) has made me feel like utter death today. 

For a little blog world things that made me say yeay this week...I got to guest post on one of my favorite bloggie friends Duchess of Fork's blog about meal planning. I hadn't guest posted for anyone before, and this was an absolte blast for me. Thanks again Molly, I just love your blog and love that you gave me the opportunity:)