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March 21, 2013

No lie, this week has been tough. LEAP testing has a way of sucking the happiness out of your system, spring fever doesn't help teaching much. 

I found out yesterday that on Tuesday my favorite college professor ever died, H. P. Jones was an amazing history teacher. I cried when I saw the quote ULM put up from him. Teachers like him are why I teach, and the reason we teach couldn't have been put better. He is the main reason why I want to get certified to teach high school history or psychology. His silliness and love of history made me love history. I will never forget him walking into class the first day wearing his graduation garb and tossing tootsie rolls out of a prosthetic leg. My hands down favorite though was the Ides of March, he always had a few football players carry him into class in a pine casket. Best lesson he ever taught was the Korean war, the general we had in our textbook was the one he actually served under during the war. Priceless. 


Favorite workout - Vitality, just like last week. 

Sleep - Amazing. 

Diet - On day 4 of Whole 30 and doing great. I had a weak moment Tuesday because of stress and a kid bringing me junk food, but I pulled through and didn't eat it. The only cheat I have is unsweetened almond milk, sorry but nothing in Silk Almond Milk is on the no eat list so I am keeping it in my diet. No one has time to make stinking almond milk. Granted I've Paleo-ed up a thing or two by using my Yonana maker, but a girl has to have something sweet, even if it's a frozen banana. 

Weight - Down a pound since starting #whole30 Monday. Other than that I am clueless. I should track this better. 

Yoga - I am noticing much more definition. Hopefully I can find more time and managed to do Hardcore on the days it is actually supposed to happen. I've been skipping actual meditation for a Kelly Minter bible study, it calms me...I'm doing it. 

Mood - Good considering we are mid-state testing. I don't feel the impulse to yell as much, at school. 


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Next week is spring break and also the David Platt Secret Church Simulcast! Whoo hoo! Who all is planning on viewing the simulcast? This is my first Secret Church, we've wanted to for ages but haven't been in a town that offered it on Good Friday. If you live in Thibodaux you should come to FBC Thib that night at 6pm and join us, it is totally free:)

Hope everyone is having a good week:) 

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