It's Thursday

October 7, 2010

And I'm super happy.

Instead if going to work I am going to the dentist. Yes my dentist is 2 hours from my job. But I have been going to her since 2nd grade and don't plan to change.

I love love love the dentist.

Plus Laura and I are planning a girls date at Mammy's in Natchez. Nothing better than eating a sandwich in a black lady's skirt.


Is anyone else doing Zumba? I am loving it, but haven't slept without taking a PM pain killer or some form of my-legs-hurt-meds. I actually slept pretty sound last night until 4am when I woke up due to the fact my leg feel like someone tried to pull them off. At least I have fun doing it.

Hopefully Zumba will help me lose a few pounds. I tried to put on my favorite jeans the other day and they wouldn't button...the other ones are stinking tight. Thanks school for messing up my eating schedule and causing me to eat less homemade healthy stuff.