30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 16

October 27, 2010

{Dream House}

I have three houses that sum up my favorite styles of houses. I'm not so much for big, more for unique or quirky. 

Sorry for the glare, I took these pics in the car today with my phone. This is by far my favorite house ever! It may be a bit small, but I love the front door and just the overall shape. Actually I think I could live in a cardboard box so long as I had this door attached to it. Love the archway type doors. Does anyone know the actual design name for one of those doors?

This is the big white house next door to my pretty little quirky house. I just love how Southern it looks and the upstairs porch/balcony. Love love;)

Now this pretty little house reminds me of the house we stayed in while we were in Great Missenden, England. If I could mash the three of these together I would have my dream house. 


On a side note I heard the hands down worst compliment EVER today. A guy at the meeting J had to go to told a girl that she reminded him of "ivory bar of soap because you are so pure and clean, and you smell good." What the crap kind of comment is that?!? I laugh every time I think it to myself. Way worse than the kid that called me out on my frizzy hair today.