30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 13

October 24, 2010


Already achieved goals-

-Go to England
-Graduate college
-Get married
-Buy a car...years ago. I feel so old now.
-Don't get pregnant the first year of marriage {goal achieved haha}
-Go skiing

Now for the goals I am still working towards.

-Graduate grad school with honors {halfway there, I got accepted to Kappa Delta Pi...now to graduate in May}
-Buy a house and decorate it like Southern Living blew up in it;)
-Marry a great guy {oh wait that goes in the achieved category}
-No babies for at least 5 years.
-Move far far away from North LA.
-Go skiing as a couple
-Go to Europe as a couple
-Find a nice nursing home for my parents. {just kidding, Laura will take care of them forever haha}
-Survive teaching until it's time to retire...or win the lottery and quit.

Last but not least my main goal is to still be married to Jeremy until he is dead. He says I will die first and he will remarry several times because he will out live all of his wives {ha yeah right}. So I now have motivation to out live his butt. I am almost positive my healthy eating will cause me to live longer, so long as we do not go to the fair often. {As soon as Lara posts some fair pics on FB I will do a State Fair post...it involved some weird food} Consider this a longitudinal study of eating styles, since we have the "same" job, stress is pretty equal so that shouldn't be a factor in out living each other.