30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 18

October 29, 2010

{Something you regret}

I regret not actually trying my freshmen year of college. I have paid big time for that one.

There are a few other things I regret that I don't feel like putting on here. But one thing I do regret that was actually a mature financial decision was canceling our Germany trip. I actually had gotten irritated with how may interviews Jer had been on and still wasn't getting a job. {This was a rough year to start teaching in our area, lot more cuts than hires} I got so frustrated that I decided there was no way he would get a job and emailed J's history professor and told her we weren't going to be able to go.

The next day he got a job.

Just one more thing showing me I give up hope to early. But at the same time we needed to save this fall...who new the junk we'd unknowingly have to pay for. They go every year, so there is always next year.