30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 8

October 19, 2010

{A Place I've Traveled To}

It has been awhile since I've really traveled anywhere. But for our honeymoon we went to the Bahamas and Orlando. 

{snorkeling in Nassau}

Several...SEVERAL years ago I went to England with the puppet team I was on for a mission trip. We stayed in Great Missenden mainly.

I don't have any of my pictures with me, but this is a pic I pulled offline from the main street that runs through the town. Going down that street on a charter bus was quite scary. We did however, spend one day in London where I threw up in a McDonald's in...
...Trafalgar Square. I have never been so scared of pigeons in my life, and there were those horrible birds everywhere.

I did get to go skiing in Colorado with our church group one Christmas break.
Those were the trips I enjoyed the most. There were more...but no one feels like blogging after a long day do they;)