30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 12

October 23, 2010

{What You Believe}

I believe that God is able. I believe he provides, is loving, and powerful...and teaches me lots of lessons.

I also believe that peanut butter balls are heavenly.

...that sleeping can't be done at any temperature above 68 degrees.

...that laughing at inappropriate situations is the way to go...except at work. That gets me in trouble.

...that I'd rather laugh than cry.

...it's a crime to make the furbabies sleep in a dog bed like they are actually dogs.

I believe in whole wheat, veggies, low fat, high fiber, low sodium...and ice cream.

I also believe that without the family I have I wouldn't be who I am or believe what I believe today. A bunch of strong willed, hard headed southern women tend to create more of the same type.