Something I'd never heard before.

December 14, 2009

Apparently I'm mean. A mother who was highly upset that her child had gotten in trouble yet again decided to tell me her son told her that he only got in trouble because we don't like him and I am mean.

Honestly...mean? That is all she could come up with, the least she could do after 23 years of being called mean is find a new way to say it.

I told her he was playing and that is why he got in trouble and that I was just the straw that broke the camel's back for him that day{I was the 3rd teacher to get onto him}. But what I really wanted to say to her was "Yes I am mean, but not just to your kid, I like to be mean to everyone, it makes me happy."

Heck if I could teach one stinking English lesson without being interrupted to the point of not being able to teach like I was today I wouldn't be "mean", and honestly I wasn't nearly as mean as usual today.


Friday we went to a Under Oath, Emery, and August Burns Red concert in Little Rock. It is quite odd how you can drive 3 1/2 hours from home and end up sitting next to someone you were friend with in high school and haven't seen in at least 4 years. I looked over right before the last band, when I was losing my husband to a mosh pit, and noticed the guy sitting next to me was an old friend...weird. My sister wasn't to happy with us for going to this concert without her though, so we attempted to appease her unhappiness with an Under Oath shirt...which was promptly stolen by a Emo kid. Dang Emo kids.

In case you don't remember we started dating at an Emery concert, brought back old memories. Too bad Emery wasn't on their A game that night. All the other band were great, Emery acted like they were trying to suck, as though they were ticked off they were the opening band.

I also discovered that cotton balls are amazing. I have always hated how my ears ring for two days after a concert and Jeremy happened to have cotton balls in his pocket so I shoved them in my ears. Can you say wonderful? After the concert my ears felt like I had never left the house. I was however, caught off guard, Under Oath had these huge tower lights that alternated between this insanely blinding blue and red. I saw spots for a few minutes. So which is better, deaf or blind?

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