Not Me Monday

December 28, 2009

Is it seriously Monday already? I know I am not an avid Not Me Monday participant, but I do read MckMama. And considering the guys are busy and I am bored out of my mind today I will participate.

I did not allow my dog to wander around in a baby onesie for three days straight until it finally was so stretched out that I decided to wash it and put it back on her. I would never let my dog wear something she begged me to let her put back on. Dressing dogs is just weird, not to mention this dog use to hate puppy sweaters.

I also didn't sleep all day yesterday and wake up at 3am angry that I was awake and attempt to wake up Jeremy so he wasn't getting to enjoy the sleep I wasn't getting until I finally passed out around 5:20am. I wasn't accused of being awake because of the large quantity of chocolate I was consuming at such a late hour and was then checked to see if my glass contained Mountain Dew to see if I was in the middle of some caffeine high.

I would never drink soda out of Jeremy's cup instead of pouring my own because I don't calories that aren't in my glass or on my plate.  I only drink water, and would never sip coke out of someone's cup

I would also never buy my husband a marshmallow shooting gun and then get mad at him for shooting me. Who did I think would get shot? The dogs are now terrified of this gun even though it shoots out their favorite thing to eat.

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  1. i LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!!! I love the fleur de lis's and that you are from North LA!! so am I!! I am from Coushatta right outside of Shreveport!
    where do you live?!
    thank you for visiting my blog!!