Ellie Loves Bedrest

December 23, 2009

After Laura's appointment today Dr. C decided we needed to head over to the hospital for what turned into three hours of blood pressure monitoring. Boy was that fun. And we get to go back Saturday. Hopefully the baby decides to show up around then. Quite likely considering the nurse told her today she probably won't make it to her next appointment on Wednesday. Whoo Hoo.

So now we are home, on bed couch rest. Ellie loves bed couch rest.

To clear up wanting to be called Meme. When Laura was little she couldn't say Emily. She said Meme. It eventually turned into Emmy then to Emma, where it has stayed for the past twenty years. A good friend of mine's son couldn't say Emily either and called me E-meme. I've been called this so much over the years that in WalMart today we ran into a family friend who yelled out E-meme to get my attention. Or Tia, I've been called that too. I really wouldn't mind being called Tia, kind of in honor of my crazy Granny Aida who would never let us call her Abuelita(little grandmother in spanish) because she was convinced she wasn't short.


  1. I loved your Granny Aida! She was a little pistol! Maybe she wasn't considered short in Puerto Rico. LOL

  2. I still like "Auntie Em."

    Guess who. ;)