New Years Resolution

December 29, 2009

Honestly I don't recall ever making one. Partially because I hate committing to anything. For instance, there is this New Year's Party we have been invited to, but Jeremy is working that night. If things go as they did last year and he is stuck at the restaurant at midnight I am hauling my happy tail back to town to see him. I would literally die before I was the odd man out in a swarm of couples at midnight, especially on our first married New Year's Eve. Plus we are getting up super early to drive to Tennessee to see his family the next day and nothing makes me mad more than a sheer lack of sleep. So it is likely I will slip out before 2010. I can't even commit to a party, how can I commit to a resolution? There is also this youth group deal my husband is involved in, I would like to help out every once in awhile but when they wanted a huge commitment to be there every time I coped out. The grad school/teaching combo usually has me worn out or doing homework most nights and I just can't commit to something when I honestly just may be to wore out to leave the house some nights. Another commitment issue.

Are you seeing my pattern? Sounds like fun. Yes. You want a commitment? Sorry no.

But I will attempt to commit to a New Year's Resolution this year.

1. Workout at least 5 days a week and not let work and school have me to tired at the end of the day to do yoga or stop by the gym to run.

2. Cook more often. Since I started teaching I haven't cooked except for Sundays. Mainly because Jeremy works nights. But he starts working days soon so I will be back to my constant grilling ways, even in 30 degree weather.

3. Cut back on junk food. Pre-teaching I was really good about eating healthy but these teachers eat horrible and are sucking me into their nasty habits.

4. Be nice at home, mean as hell at work, and outwardly tolerate things but still think people are crazy. I admit I overly express my opinion about some crazy people. I won't change my opinion, but I won't make it quite so obvious I think they are crazy.

Notice none of them have to do with committing more? Baby steps people. Baby steps.

I hope you all have a great New Year. I am heading back home tomorrow to take the furbabies to the vet and then finish packing for our trip. I won't be able to blog while in Mount Pleasant but I will use twitter, hopefully I will come back with lots of fun snow pictures. It better snow. Last year it snows the day after we left. It better snow this time. Plus his brother's weenie dog had puppies so I will be in dachshund puppy heaven. Yay.

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