According to Jeremy...

December 10, 2009

My last Christmas list was vague. So to make life easier on the man who refuses to let me just shop with him and let me pick stuff out but won't let me wrap his stuff I am making a picture list.

1. A yoga block. The P90X video said use my dog, but Maddie is a bad yoga block.

2. Another cook book. I am attempting to start a collection. I have enough Paula Dean.

3. Cute clothes. Like this ruffle shirt from Old Navy. I love ruffles(remember my wedding dress?).

Tunic-Old Navy

Roll up Cargos from Old Navy-the Khaki pants everyday is getting old for me.

4. Any Beatles album I don't have. Digging through my cd case would be essential to buying the right albums.

5. The Simpson's video game I have showed several people at the store.

6. To have the Playstation 2 hooked up again.

That is all I can remember. Maybe a scarf. But like I said, I do better picking things out myself. It is just so funny to me that Jeremy won't let me wrap something he knows he is getting, but refuses to let me pick out what I am getting so it's a surprise.

Hopefully Maddie will lay off snatching ornaments so that we will at least have one to look at while we unwrap presents. This year we will probably have our own Christmas early, then go to my parents house for Christmas Eve and Day since my Dad goes to work Christmas Eve. Which will lead to opening presents there Christmas Eve, and cooking and opening presents with the whole family Christmas day. Oh and driving around town to look at Christmas lights.

This is our last Christmas with no baby. Hopefully that baby doesn't get in the way of my Christmas stocking, my Mom puts together the best stockings. Mark my word, I will be 78 one day and still wondering where my stocking is.

So Jeremy, I hope this helps you out. You don't have to buy me everything...but I sure won't complain if you decide to{wink wink}.


  1. I am the same way about the stockings! Daniel had never had one until we married!!!

  2. The way you talked about daddy made him sound like Santa.

  3. Ooo,
    Nigella Lawson is amazing!
    I have all her cookbooks.