Santa Claus is Watching You

December 15, 2009

After taking off my make up I walked out of the bathroom to find Ellie under the table like this:

That little furball had taken HER toy out from under the tree and proceeded to open it and play with it under the table. When I walked up she immediately acted like she was doing something bad before I could even say anything.

For some reason after that I decided to look under the tree only to realize Maddie's present was missing. For a change she left no paper trail. But I soon found the Long Dog on the couch. What a bunch of nut cases. Earlier today Jeremy said he caught them(Maddie being the ring leader that time) taking their pretty little wrapped bones out from under the tree. Guess the girls don't want to wait another week for Santa to come.

Considering they unwrapped their own toy I am going to assume one of two things. 1. They can secretly read. 2. Pure Luck

Word around the tree was that they were attempting to open Laura's present after they had dug into the bones. So Laura, if you don't get this present either beat up some Emo kids and the dogs, I tried.


  1. They just can't wait for Santa!

  2. sounds like the dogs in this family
    I was told years ago that the enviorment causes this behavior

  3. Love it--and yes, they do know which package is for them.
    Aunt S.

  4. your dogs are HILARIOUS! i love reading about their crazy antics =)

  5. I don't know why I even try to put presents under the tree. Between Avery and Barney all I do is chase down and re-wrap presents! Next year I'm buying gift cards for everyone and mailing them. Bah-humbug!