{sunday lunch}

August 3, 2009

We have both been craving yummy fatty late night asian food {since P90X has happily taking junk food out of Jeremy's diet}from this place in town so I decided to make my version of their oh so yummy steamed dumplings.

Steamed Dumplings:

1 pack of wonton wrappers
1 lb of ground turkey
soy sauce
2 green onions chopped
rice vinegar
1 egg
fresh ginger
sweet chili sauce
udon sauce(for some reason lately I've added it to everything)

Place wrapper in hand and put about 1 tbsp of filling in center, twist into little purses and place on cabbage leaves in steamer. Steam for 8-15 mins or unil done.
****As you can tell I served it with stir fry cabbage. Serve it with whatever you like.

The cabbage leaves keep them fron falling through the grates if you have one like mine, plus it keeps them from sticking. If you have a tiny steamer/rice cooker like I do{and want to get the job done faster}I got out a skillet filled half way with water and set to boil, I then high jacked the grate thing out of my toaster oven and set it over the skillet, placed a few cabbage leaves over it, set my dumplings on top and then covered with another skillet. This worked just as well as the rice cook, just make sure you keep refilling the water.

Now for the really good/totally unhealthy part of the meal.

Fried Dessert Wontons:

remainder wontons from above^
1 snicker bar cut into 8 slices

Lay out your wonton, place snicker in center, rub water along the edges(like egg wash) and fold sides to make a triangle. I folded the long sides over as well. Fry until outside is crispy and brown and sprinkle with powdered sugar{I used regular because I didn't have powdered}.

Serve with chocolate granita or any ice cream you like...I made chocolate granita to go with mine. It is super easy.But I warn you, I rarely measure things so just add however much you like.
***You could also add a million other fillings to these, snickers were just the first thing I thought I wanted that day.

Chocolate Granita:

vanilla extract
cocoa powder
dash of cinnamon

Pour into a large baking sheet so that milk mixture is very shallow. The shallower it is the quicker it freezes. Place in freezer and about ever 30 mins to an hour pull out and scrape with a fork until conpletely frozen and fluffy sno cone like ice crystals are formed.

I promise you this is all really simple. What is great if that you could serve it to people and they wouldn't think it was as easy as it is, something about wontons and homemade pasta just always seem hard. How wonderful is it to have premade pasta and pastry dough in the store these days, I know I appreciate it!


  1. Looks delicious!

  2. Those are just beautiful! I can't believe how "restaurant like" they look! Those fried wontons look like the devil! I am so trying that recipe!