Ellie the frog hunter

August 10, 2009

The entire time we have been in Vidalia this weekend Ellie has been on the hunt for frogs and fish. On Friday she discovered that the fish pond had been restocked with fish and proceeded to bark at them until...well she is still barking at them. Saturday and Sunday she ate every frog she found and my grandparents house. After she decided that frogs live in monkey grass she has spent every waking minute {while not barking at fish} searching for frogs.

{She has been perched here while she barks at the fish, I'd love to know what she is trying to tell them.}

{On the hunt for more frogs to eat, I'm surprised she hasn't puked yet.}

{Maddie of course never hops on the band wagon, she just eats grass.}

{Watching tabpoles and fish.}
Who knew fish could be so entertaining. She has been covered in mud and grass for days...and wet because her big head keeps causing her to fall into the pond.


  1. The dogs are so adorable!

    Yes, I get cranky too! lol!

    Anyway - I will bring the gift to work w/ me if you are near N. 19th St just text me. Do you have my number? Or I'll see you Sunday :)

  2. So cute! Tell Ellie she didn"t get all the frogs.

  3. That is just too cute!
    My Moo does that...he's obsessed with frogs!
    We can't have him outside unsupervised at night over here as we have cane toads (that are poisonous) He just about goes crazy for them!!