one day left till school starts

August 18, 2009

I'd say with only 4 days of going to meetings and hanging around the school board trying to get things done I have finally gotten a taste of what my mother goes through everyday...and totally understand why she is so tired. Okay so I haven't taught a single class yet but the amount of information they throw at these teachers is insane. I honestly don't know how to remember it all. I was nearly floored when I saw the schedule for this week and noticed that kickoff events started at 6:45 am, and yes I was at school from 6:45 until after 3:30.

All of this has made me realize that as a kid you don't understand what all these teachers have to do to get ready for school, and what all they have to spend. Who knew how expensive class decorations are! I honestly have a ton more respect for all of my teachers after two hardcore days of inservice. Who cares about pay, school staff don't get nearly enough respect for what they do.

I hope I can get a class that is sweet and willing to follow rules at least the majority of the time, and parents who are willing to work with me and not against me. Needless to say I've heard stories about kids this age and I am scared{haha}, but at least the school board is keep me so busy that I haven't had time to even think about being nervous about teaching for the first time.


  1. This will be my 8th year to teach, 4th year of public school and I am STILL completely overwhelmed with the paperwork. It's ridiculous! I got really spoiled at Huntington. Four years of only turning in a copy of my plans, which could be copied from one year to the next, and report cards 4 times a year. That's it. Now it's crazy and a jillion different schedules and requirements. I haven't even gotten the kids all day yet (still testing) and I'm already exhausted! Can we say "Thanksgiving break?" LOL

  2. omg i'm so excited for you! keep your head up :)

  3. You will do great!
    Fifth grade is a good age.
    Good Luck!

  4. you'll do great!!! plus kids are always so excited the first week that you'll probably feed more off their excitement than be nervous =)
    and it helps that you're young and pretty, cause kids are always nicer to the prettier teacher, lol!
    sad but true =)

  5. You are really making me want to get this next year over with so I can start teaching! I'm so excited about teaching and starting the next chapter in my life. I've done things a little out of the order I'd originally planned but things will still be how I wanted them in the end. This next school year is going to be hard for me (and you, it sounds like) but I'm so ready and excited as it seems you are also.

    Good luck!

    Btw, just have to say...I love the positivity you show when talking about all the stress. I think so many people get lost in the stress they forget the fun.