An apple a day keeps nasty kid germs at bay

August 29, 2009

I should have known better and started drinking Airborne days ago.

But instead I am gargling hot salt/cayenne pepper water once every hour to get rid of this sore throat. It is also clearing up my stuffy nose to that is a huge plus.

This only further proves my point that children are disease carrying sponges who soak up every drop of gross and sick they can. I have had a class of runny nose sick kids all week, and thanks to a bunch of 5th graders I am now too sick and runny nosed.


On another any of you teacher people have good classroom management tips. I have them trained to raise their hands for everything{well most of them, there are the 3 or 4 that I am convinced don't speak english because otherwise they would understand the rules}, but they still like to chatter. Chatter is not a problem till it gets to loud, or I am teaching and they are talking still. We do an exercise video between subjects if they are looking antsy and have a lot of class discussion where they don't have to raise their hand so that they can get any talk out of their system by focusing it on our story.

I was so ignored one day that I started speaking Spanish to a kid who wasn't paying attention. All of the kids immediately started paying attention and asking what I was saying. I quickly replied with "Oh, you don't speak Spanish? Well I guess we will keep trying new languages until we find one you guys know. Now stop talking."Yesterday I rolled up my papers like a megaphone while we were collecting test papers in order and started saying "Earth to number 13! Are you in there number 13? The rest of us need your paper so we can move on number 13." I have managed to get their attention better with humor but it isn't gonna last long, starting Monday Hitler will look nicer to the Jews compared to the amount of persecution the 5th graders are about to endure. They have already lost both recesses Monday, and since I a duty teacher during every recess they get to stand on the wall and watch. Thankfully it is not just me, apparently everyone has had a problem with this class.

They have already recieved their death threat for next week though since observations start Monday, I will gladly send people to run their little hearts out in P.E..

Wow it only took a week to break me in. Oh and if you really wanna screw with a kids head sign the wrong name to something. I was really tired and used my maiden name one day and completely threw them for a loop.


  1. LOL you crack me UP...

    "Do you teacher people..."


  2. Girl, you are tripping! LOL
    This "teacher person" needs some management tips herself. Managing 6 I can handle, 19 not so easy. I've been out of the large class size, public school crowd too long. All of my skills are rusty. I'm going to have to stomp on some little toes soon. I, too, have about 4 that never stop talking. Thank God we had an SBLC meeting last week and the main noise maker is going to SPED during reading and math. THREE HOURS without his humming, plane and car noises, and his fit throwing! I have all of a sudden gained a new appreciation of SPED teachers. =)