Happy B-Day Mom...or D-Day, whatever you call it at this age

August 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!
I'll be nice and not mention her age;) I have a wonderful mother...so wonderful that on her birthday she is coming to see me to help me get my classroom together. I thought about making her cupcakes, but then the leftover would likely be left her and consumed by me so instead I am just going to take her over to Curls Cupcakes and let her pick out what kind she wants. Plus if we each have one cupcake we aren't tempted to eat another...being that we don't have another! So Happy Bday Mom, I promise I won't treat you the way your parents treat us and take you out to eat only to have someone sing to you against your will{haha}.


  1. I answered your comment on my blog before I even thought about it.
    What's wrong with the singing? My mom was serenaded with a gorgeous birthday song at Copeland's in Jackson for her 60th. There was barely anyone else in there and this guy sang by himself. It was the best rendition of "Happy Birthday" I've ever heard!
    Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LISA!!! =)

  2. Happy Birthday Mrs. Lisa!

    Curl's Cupcakes are the BESSST!