It's Saturday

August 1, 2009

And that can only mean one thing. Whoever takes a nap is taking a nap with to very eager to nap furbabies. I laughed so hard when I saw this I'm surprised I didn't wake them up before I could get my camera. They were dead asleep though because the camera flash didn't even wake them.

I am very close to hurting the next person/dog to mess up the pillows. Between the three of them they are always getting messed up, granted the dogs sometimes don't want them on there and knock them all to the ground. But then again the dogs also knock the same blanket off the window seat a few times a week because it is on "their" window seat.
Tomorrow I have a Sunday lunch recipe for under $10, it's something I've never made so we will see how it turns out.
Also The Design Girl is having a ton of giveaways the month of August! I've already signed up for the blog makeover!

Also go check out Lucky Fiona, they have a lot of really cool collars and leashes! Plus they are on Etsy so that is an even bigger reason to go. Not to mention The Design Girl is giving away a collar and leash this week!


  1. Catching up on blogs! Love the Sunday nap pic - imagine one day that will be the baby - awwww!

    Love the new layout. I wanna know how all of your fancy cooking didn't rub off on me when we were roommates? lol.

    Also, I have you a little something (belated wedding gift - better late than never, right?) You want me to stop by or will u be at church Sunday?