Wedding inspiration

March 9, 2009

Here are a few things that gave me the idea to go in the direction that we have gone in...

This is actually something that I was planning on buying and luckily when I saw Regina last she had ordered something similar to this and had mentioned draping tulle but I am prolly gonna use any left over ribbon I have a create this look...just mismatched and funky.

This is actually the pic that started everything. This is my color scheme plus brown. We are doing shades of these colors everywhere, mostly as accent to white or cream, but everywhere. Funny I say we like Jeremy and I are working on this...last person to ask him how planning was coming along he actually said we were basically done. Um Hello? Are we living on the same planet? Have you seen the to do list buddy? Men, just may be the most clueless animal on the planet.

This is what we are modeling the program after. Somehow we actually managed to copy this almost exact but in our colors. Only problem now is most printing places don't do Mac so it will eithr change the fonts or we can print ourselves...looks like I'm printing programs myself.


  1. Printing places don't do MAC? You would think everyone would do MAC since it is what most graphic designers use???

  2. Well at least everyone I have checked with doesn't, I had one lady try to con me into changing my font to use her.

  3. you have SO many good ideas! your wedding's gonna be beautiful =)

  4. you already know I absolutely love everything about your wedding already. But I hadnt seen what the program was going to look like...I LOVE IT!!! I don't see why you cant find anywhere to have it printed either. Have you tried calling any places in Baton Rouge? I'll see if Josh knows of any places if you want.