Looks like the exit is back on!

March 19, 2009

As of yesterday we bought a new motorcycle! Whoo Hoo! It is about the prettiest little bike I ever did see, sorry Jeremy, but its just to darn cute. As soon as blogger starts playing nice I'll upload some pics of our new ride;) but I have a feeling that might be awhile since I've been trying to upload pics for a few days now.


  1. congrats on the new bike!! i bet he's excited :)

    about six months ago I gave daniel the choice too between buying a new vehicle or a motorcycle (he already has a company truck that stays at the house -- a brand new silverado z-71), so OF COURSE he chose a motorcycle instead =)

    after a bad day at work he loves to go riding and relieve all that stress. all guys need their toys lol =)

  2. so I'm still waiting on the pics!