Hope someone knows something about this.

March 28, 2009

The invitations I bought didn't come with inner envelopes but it is bothering me because it isn't traditional etiquette. A friend bought her invites from the same place and had the same lack of inner envelopes but she took the invite to a printer and bought some. Should I just buy an inner or do this for the outer. I personally don't feel that they will look as formal missing a inner but hey I wasn't happy when I was sent the wrong color invite anyway...then put the right color on sale in the store. So tell me, if you got this in the mail would you think "what on earth" or absolutely nothing of the sort and I am in fact just picking over an entirely minute detail.


Our wedding invitations do not have an inner envelope. How should I address an invite to a large family without using "and family"?


Put the parents' names on one line and the kids' names underneath, like this:

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sullivan
[or Robert and Sandra Sullivan]
Brandon, Jennifer, and Kyle
12345 First Street
Anywhere, USA 98765

If you need two lines for the children's first names, that's fine. Keep in mind that children over the age of 18 should get separate invites, whether they live with their parents or not.


  1. love the wedding cake pics. what is yours going to look like?

    i wouldn't give it a second thought if i got invites w/o an inner envelope. then again, i planned a whole wedding and i'm still not legally married - i'm sure thats not very etiquette either!

  2. I was going to say what Casey said... I would totally NOT be offended getting an invite without the inner envelope. Think of it this way-- it's "greener." Save a tree! And I'm saying this even though my husband works for a paper mill. LOL

  3. I have always thought an inner envelope is useless. It is usually thrown away. No worries.