Oh to make it legal

March 1, 2009

So the topic of marriage license came up today...I was almost right. In both Louisiana and Mississippi the couple has to apply no more than 30 days before and no less then 72 hours before to get a license.

But there is a catch, in Mississippi you have to have blood testing and in Louisiana you don't. That alone is enough to change the wedding location. Well for me at least, I'm scared to DEATH of needles or anything like it, just ask my mother, she will tell everyone I'm a big baby.

So here is my question...
Our pastor is from Louisiana, and we are too, so can we get a license in Louisiana and at the wedding just say LA instead of Mississippi and make it legal without all the blood loss?


  1. Yes! We have a LA License and were married at Rosalie by dad, who is a preacher in LA. Well, I guess you know all that since you were kind've there! lol. So, no blood loss. Just pray you're not cousins and go for it.

    Btw, if you find out that isn't legal I need to know asap since I would have only a 'baby daddy' and not a husband. LOL

  2. I'm not so sure it would be legal. You might seriously want to check into that. However, you could always actually 'get married' and have all of the paperwork signed before the ceremony. But then again, if you could get the preacher to say he did it in LA I dont think it would really matter. They dont check into it so there really wouldnt be any way that they would know you got married in MS and not LA. I'll try to check into it for you

  3. hmmm..i can't remember what dad said. lol. i was just praying he didn't say something crazy.

    we did the covenant marriage too. i would call the courthouse in natchez and vidalia and see what they say. or maybe you could google it? lol i google everything!

  4. LOL i am with you about the marriages these days - what is wrong w/ ppl. its great that we have our parents as examples though :) I think that could make all the difference!

    i was meaning to google to see if you live in LA is it legal to marry in MS w/ a LA license. you may not find that answer though. let me know what they say...i'm all nervous now HEHEHE

  5. OMG is Casey legally married or what? LOL And if she isnt does that mean we are gonna have another wedding? I am feeling sick to my stomach! JK :)