{making progress}

March 31, 2009

After quite the productive weekend/week I am ready to not do another productive thing for weeks...to bad that isn't an option. Tuesday I went to Walmart an printed some pictures for the guest book table. Yesterday I attempted to submit our engagement announcement the News Star, no luck though because when I went to News Star the second time the girl decided to tell me that the lady I needed to see was not going to be back till Monday. Not to mention I mailed invites and maybe I'll finish the death by Martha Stewart project I started months ago. But Oh do stamps cost a ton, and when I said "holy cow" to the post man he simply replied well you do have a lot of stamps, to which I said "exactly that is a lot for sticky paper."

On an interesting note...after ordering my wedding night lingerie our lovely US Postal Service lost it. After the amount of money I gave them for stamps I should have had a mail man deliver it to me then model the nighty to see if I liked it or not. Luckily I got a full refund and will be heading to the store to buy it in person today. I think I am boycotting snail mail for a bit.

{hostess gifts are wrapped and ready to go}

{the lovely invite assembly line}

If you or anyone you know happens upon a rsvp card don't be surprised. I had to revise the line once after I realized I had gone through a whole book of regluar stamps and still had two forever stamps left over. So there are two invites running around without rsvp stamps.

Has anyone else ever used a caligraphy pen? My addresses look like they were written with a funny marker.


  1. Ok, fill me in on the wedding...I'm not in Vidalia so I'm out of the loop! ha!

  2. omg it is getting so close...beautiful invites. can't wait!

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