Something to sign

March 21, 2009

Lately I've noticed a lot more brides deviating from the tradional guest book and moving towards a signed picture frame. Well just super recently I saw a wedding where they didn't use the black frame that is being sold everywhere and using a custom frame. Well you can only guess that after seeing that I decided to follow the pattern. Ofcourse it was not easy to do considering a certian not to be mentioned crafts store wanted me to give up a million dollars, Ellie(cause no one would want crazy Maddie), and my not even thought of many years away unborn child for a frame, mat board, and glass. Well just so you know Hobby Lobby has much reasonable prices and with some bartering were willing to take Maddie.

Well here you go, the reasonably priced frame...and all the other wedding just surronding it.

{I promise you we aren't so crazy to have a engagement pic shrine to ourselves, I just have no where else to store them till the wedding, and after I sense the MOB is stealing them.}

***the MOB is short for mother of the bride, along with MOG mother of the groom and MOH maid of honor.