Tacky Sweater Party 2013

December 18, 2013

This is going to be more of a throwback blogger post "Wordless Wednesday" than anything else. 

Or a hodge podge of our friends making werid faces. 

Or their own faces, however you want to take it.

This past weekend we went back to ole Thibodaux to hang out with our close friends and have the annual Tacky Sweater Party. 

There was some Cajun Christmas that went down, and I may have come out lucky as a dog on it!

Every present I opened was stolen, so I got to keep opening. 

Right up until I pulled my own present...

Then no one battled me for the purple Camelbak water bottle. 


(all of our guys work out so if I got a neutral color they would have taken it... and I melted my Nalgene bottle and needed a new one lol)

The pics came out kind of grainy until I gave in an used flash, oh well. 

Jeremy scored Wuggle Pets, I think our grown men had more fun than our resident 4 year old.

Word on the street is that Gavin made the bottom fall out, that didn't stop anyone from consuming s'mores. 

Then again I don't think much would stop our crowd from sitting around fire... even a the smoke being trapped over us. 

 Remember that toffee recipe from yesterday, it makes a great s'more. 

Sarah in the smoke haze, from where we were sitting and the way the wind was blowing, we were trapped under a smoke cloud. No bueno. 

Those Wubble Pets? 

Turns out Sarah loves them... so much so they were sitting on the couch wearing her antlers.

It was so good to hang out with our little group again. There is just something to be said about hanging out until 3am with friends that know everything about you and let it all hang out. 

I just love that I can say whatever comes to mind and the girls just laugh and carry on. 

Seriously, it was a great night... but we have gotten too old to pull all nighters.