High Five For Friday

December 6, 2013

It's Friday, jean day, and the family is headed into town.

Couldn't be better.

1. We played Mental Floss Trivia over Thanksgiving break. Joshua just had to play with me, meaning I answered all his questions. Some how the kid got questions I knew and I didn't answer many of mine right. We did however have to tell him he won after my mother actually won, this kid is crazy competitive. He only took cough medicine last week to do it faster than I did. 

Seriously competitive. 

2. I couldn't stop laughing at how Ellie rides in the car, she was totally limp and draped across Jeremy's leg. 

3. After lying to my class for two days that the Elf was hiding I finally found it. Well, Jeremy found it. Either way they are crazy excited, one even wrote a note for the elf. It was the sweetest thing ever. 

4. Massive cooking fail of the week - I've made many spaghetti squash over the years and this was a first... it exploded. I couldn't help but laugh at this mess. This just had to happen, especially when I was trying to cook early so I could actually act as a community panelist for the #FritoLayHoliday Sweet & Savory Holiday Twitter Party. Y'all Twitter parties go fast, and 5 Minutes for Mom did not play at all, I could barely keep up! 

5. The PicMonkey Holiday eCookbook came out yesterday and I'm very happy to say that Louisiana Bride was a contributor. You can find out what recipe I contributed by downloading it. P.S. It's free:)

I've linked up with The Lauren Elizabeth  today!