Hubby Approved Stocking Stuffers

December 12, 2013

Most years here we just give each other a really good Christmas stocking, especially years we plan to travel. This particular year we have a big trip planned for Jeremy's graduation/our 5 year anniversary/my parents 35th anniversary... the whole family is going! 

As per the usual we decided to get each other stocking and a gift that didn't max $50. 

Here are just a few ideas for my favorite men's stocking stuffers I've used over the years. 

1. Multi Tool - this is great for the outdoor type of guy, especially the campers 

2. Scarves - Target has a great selection of scarves, Jeremy wears them with his Peacoat often. 

3. Ear Muffs - a sleek pair that fits behind your head is perfect for men. My hubby has ear problems, so these come in great in the cold windy months. 

4. Ties - super easy to roll up and stuff in a stocking, guys that have to dress up daily always love a new tie to change up their look. 

5. Watches - men love a great watch, this is the perfect excuse to get them a dressy one, sporty one, or just the fun casual watch they love. 

6. Gloves - I love these Easy Touch Running Gloves from Target. 

7. Bi-fold Wallet with Money Clip - I couldn't locate the one I really love from Aldo, but you can never go wrong with a sleek leather wallet with a money clip on the inside. 

8. Fun Dress Socks - Target always has a great selection of funky print dress socks, and the hubby loves them. 

9. Old Navy Vneck Shirts - a great basic printed tee always looks good with jeans, and once in a blue moon Old Navy sells them for $5 around the holidays! 

What are your favorite gifts for guys?