High Five for Friday

December 20, 2013

It's Friday!

Let's recap:)

1. I made this amazing Saltine Cracker Toffee and posted it here... it went quick. I'm about to try out a recipe for Honeycomb Toffee next.

2. My Timehop has been full of pics from when we went to Italy 2 years ago, and I'm desperately missing the travel. Luckily we are wandering about over the summer. I seriously need a plane ride every once in awhile just to keep my travel bug at ease.

3. The week is ending, and my Christmas teas are in full swig. Grades aren't due until January... but I plan on having this all done before I leave work today.

4. Driving through town with Jeremy we noticed a car with a 140 mile marathon sticker on their truck. Y'all, who the mess actually thinks running that far is necessary? I don't have the attention span to drive that far without getting irritated.

5. I promised my kids I would bring The Muppets Christmas Carol and even went so far as to have it put on hold at the Library to make sure I could get it. Well at 5:30, half way through yoga, I noticed that I had yet to go by the library and had to run there looking like a sweaty nut in hipster glasses since my decided to disappear. Story of my life. People probably think I'm homeless ha!

What's everyone's Christmas plans?