High Five For Friday

December 27, 2013

It's Friday, which means break is nearly over... hot dang. 

We're headed to the chilly land above the deep south, so next week's H54F will be a lot more interesting. 

1. We rarely get Starbucks, but Jeremy made traveling a special occasion and let me get a Gingerbread Latte. It was so, so good. However the cane trucks swarming the roads gave me enough anxiety that the only thing keeping me sane was the coffee. Oh dear, sweet, coffee.

2. Once we got into my hometown we were able to hit up my favorite BBQ restaurant on earth, Pig Out Inn. If you are ever in Natchez (where I'm from) or Canton (near Jackson) be sure to hit it up. You won't regret it. We even had Pig Out Inn as our rehearsal dinner.

3. Mama Chia snack pack, go get you one. It's those little applesauce things for adults. With chia seed. Holy happiness chia pack!

4. Have you taken the NY Times dialect quiz? I'm thinking it hit me spot on considering I grew in right by Natchez, MS and lived in Monroe forever for college.

5. Tamales. We haven't had tamales in years, seriously. Nanny hadn't made them in forever, so when it came time to make them I thought it would be best to do it with the whole crowd around. Especially since Pop warned me that rolling them was intense. I happily rolled my heart out with the whole family and then stuffed my face to make up for the 5 or so years without a single Nanny made tamale.

How was your Christmas week?