Photos You Won't See On Our Christmas Card This Year

December 4, 2013

Or next year. 

Before we left our little town that borders the Mississippi River we headed out to the start of the Natchez Trace and hit up one of the first stops, the Elizabeth Academy, to take Christmas card pictures. 

This my friends, is just a a tiny portion of the outtakes from that 20 minutes. 

Because obviously if you try to photograph Jeremy and a 3 year old for longer than that time they begin to melt. 

Josh refused to look at me, and had on awful shoes. The child's grown out of everything recently. Needless to say he did this until Jeremy whacked me with a stick, that made him smile. 

Insert amazing light, the child who shouldn't be climbing that fence, and two people who should have been posing in this amazing light.

I've said it many years, but I think Jeremy is Amish. He hates photos. Lucky for me he willingly participated this year, minus the immense amount of silly pics.

Oh look who's back, is that the 3 year old creeping on our pics?

There were apparently hair issues I wasn't seeing and my resident hair stylist felt the need to take my reflection into his own hands.

My goofy sister is going to murder me for this, but I told her to stick her face in the shot so I could adjust the settings. Much like her partner-in-crime (my husband) she felt the need to goof.

And then the fun began...

I forced Jeremy to sit in wet leaves...

Joshua got his hands on a stick...

And then he turned into his mother.

At least my boots are in focus, Jeremy just had to make another face.

That awkward prom/pregnancy pic.


Lord help me if I give birth to a litter of Jeremys. 

I'll never get a good picture again.