Week in Review

October 25, 2013

This week had a lot going on, I thought I'd get more photos edited from Type-A Nola... but we'll get to that later.

Right now, let's talk about what's been going on since last Friday.

In no particular order, here's what we've been up to.

1. I don't know where this sucker has been all my life, but honestly a banana flavored Tootsie Roll Pop is heaven! I could have taken every single one of these from my students, sat under my desk, and chomped on them all by my lonesome.

Have I told y'all I have a fake banana flavor obsession? Well I do. In the most serious banana ice pop kind of way.

2. I really should have ordered these pics, and I've said it a million times before, but last weekend was my first ever blog boot camp. On the photo-walk Friday night we ran into a praline shop, that I can't remember the name of, and I bought the absolute best praline I've ever consumed.


3. I ventured to Lafayette with Jeremy this week in search of a jacket for work. He is dressed up everyday and can't wander around wearing what teachers seem to get away with. (I love my jean jacket by the way, he just can't do that) It was a bust, but nothing says fun like taking the typical husband role as the disgruntled shopper. I'll shop all day people, but I was just not feeling Marshal's at 8pm. Hopefully tonight on our wandering around the town we can nail down something and return what he got the other day. Anyone know of somewhere to get a good sports jacket at for a good price. (As in we are paying for graduate school good price lol)

4. I got to meet Aimee from aimeebroussard.com Saturday. I absolutely had a blast hanging out all day at the conference and adore all of her aprons. Y'all should check her and out buy one of those adorable aprons, I definitely have my eye on one I'm going to buy. Also, she is a recipe queen and has two cute pups. I couldn't have made up a better blog friend to have things in common with. Seriously y'all if she hadn't come to dinner Jeremy might still be looking at me like I have a lot of made up internet killer friends!

5. Sunday I went over to my aunt's house to take pics of everyone for Christmas. Needless to say I got the manual mode down pat on Monday and fought that camera the whole time with them Sunday. The newest family member sure did look cute though. Tate is about the most adorable, content child I've seen in ages. I couldn't get over how I caught him sleeping in my lap while everyone was getting dressed and I was fussing with my camera.