Monster N-Tune Headphones Review & Giveaway

October 2, 2013

For years I've just used the little in-ear headphones because they were the best quality I could get (without spending a ton). Then recently, I started seeing more and more people wearing larger headphones that looked a lot more like what my husband wears when he plays guitar so I can't hear it. After seeing a good dozen runners at the gym wearing these headphones I seriously became curious! As you can guess, when BlogHer approached me to review a pair of Monster Headphones I was more than happy.
When they showed up at my doorstep in purple... I was beside myself! I love them. Love them! If they were a friend I would take them out for frozen yogurt, love them. Now let's get into why I love these babies so much.
Comfort & Sound Quality - We both like to watch shows on our computers and on our tablets. Sometimes we do it at the same time, the only issue is that I can hear what he is watching with my in-ear headphones. Y'all, I couldn't hear anything else in the room at all! The second thing I noticed, is that my ears never began to hurt from wearing these headphones. You know what I mean about the inside of your ears hurting with in-ear headphones. These are so comfortable I could probably sleep in them, and we all know how I am about my sleep. The sound though, it blew me away. Monster uses N-Tune HD and I kid you not, it sounded like I was in a mini movie theater with the Monster Headphones on. The sound quality is the best I've ever had in a pair of headphones. Passive Noise Isolation - Several times this past weekend Jeremy walked through the bedroom (I went into TV series marathon mode after putting my headphones on.) and had to repeat himself after I removed the headphones, because I couldn't hear him. N-Tune HD's noise isolation can not be beat. If you know someone who flies frequently I highly suggest buying these headphones for them for Christmas. I literally sat in the living room during the football game with my Monster headphones on just to see if I could hear it. Barely, I could barely hear it. Once I turned on my T.V. show though, I couldn't hear anything that wasn't coming straight through my headphones.
Durability - I tend to tear things up, not that I want to, but myself and headphones just don't get alone well. Honestly though, most cords aren't made well. All I have to do it unplug it from the elliptical at the gym a few times and I've ripped the wires out. So the past few days I put Monster to the test, I plugged them into the headphone wire eating elliptical I run on ever morning. Like I suspected, the cord is made so well that they held up to what otherwise would be certain headphone death. Seriously, as soon as your touch a Monster headphone cord you'll notice it's not like others you've used. Plus I haven't been able to tangle it up like I typically do, that alone makes it a winner. Unlike every pair of headphones I owned in the 90's, you don't have to worry that someone with a large head will break them. Monster headphones are built to be super durable, you can even twist them around without breaking. Gosh I love technology. Even if I don't understand it half the time. ControlTalk Universal - In-line mic with controls for Android, tablets, & other devices. I haven't used this much, but I have loved the button attached to the cord that allows you to pause and play your music or video.

Do you want to know something else I love? 

There are ports on both sides of the headphone that allows you to choose which side you want to plug in your cord. 

Not that important when purchasing, but I really liked the feature. 

Here's something else to think of, with the holidays coming up this would be a great gift for anyone you know who uses headphones often. Whether they enjoy listening to music, or watching movies on their computer or tablet, the quality & price of Monster headphones makes this a great gift. 

Speaking of giving, Monster is giving away 25 pair of their headphones to 25 lucky readers! 

To win your very own pair of N-Tune headphones (valued at $150),  read all about the Monster headphones here and let me know in the comments of this post which color you prefer. The comments on this post will be aggregated with the comments on the posts from the other bloggers participating in this review, and 25 pairs will be given away. This giveaway will close on Nov 1.

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Disclosure: I was given a pair of Monster N-Tune Headphones in order to review their product. Monster is also providing headphones to giveaway. I was also monetarily compensated for this post, and all views and opinions are my own.