High 5 for the End of the Week

October 4, 2013

I have no idea how to introduce this post other than... whoop whoop it's Friday!

1. Growing up, every time we came to visit my aunt and uncle in New Iberia my grandfather would buy donuts that Saturday morning from a shop in town. Well, the donut shop is now closed. As soon as we got here I kept telling myself I would go on with our Saturday donut tradition and buy some and just never got around to it, finally this past week I did. The apple fritter was worth every calorie, and those other two are chocolate, caramel, pecan, and cream cheese. Heaven. 

2. This is where the week got funny. Saturday my cousin's wife Brandi had her baby shower. (That's me, brandi, and Aunt Rosie in the photo) She wasn't due for another four weeks, but kept complaining all day that she felt awful. Well that brings me to #3. 

3. Sunday after church we headed to WalMart, just as we were leaving I got a text from my uncle that Brandi had the baby. I was not only super confused that she had him 4 weeks early... but good gracious that was good baby shower timing. We immediately made our way to the hospital to find the little dude, waited about an hour for him to be brought to the room... then cuddled him half to death. Tate is a tiny little thing at 5 1/2 lbs, but oh my goodness he is adorable. Just like his older brother, he looks just like my cousin Chris. Who just so happened to be my twin when we were little, seriously people thought we were siblings and that our siblings were each other's siblings. I still need to find pics to show Jeremy, but if my genes fight like Chris's I can bet that's what our kids will look like. Also, can we toss in baby fever. I'm going to need to go over this weekend and hog him for a good hour or two. 

4. I finally made the Kevin & Amanda Spicy Sausage Pasta every has been raving about. All I can say is you have to make this for yourself. I subbed the sausage for turkey sausage and cream for greek yogurt. It's just plain divine. 

5. Has anyone else had those dinner nights where all you want is something sweet? Wednesday was my night. I had greek yogurt and a pumpkin pie PopTart. It was awfully good. 

So I'm noticing 3 of my 5 photos are food. What can I say, it's basically #2 in my priority list. 

I'm not gonna lie. 

Sometimes it hits one. 

What was your favorite moment from the week? 

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