High Five I'm Headed to My First Blog Conference Friday

October 18, 2013

Excited is the understatement of the year for me.

Jeremy on the other hand just can't wait to sit at a coffee shop all day doing homework while I'm at Type-A Advanced on Friday night and Saturday.

Oh this week, at least work has become easier since my Tuesday afternoon WalMart meltdown.

1. We hit up the Gumbo Festival Saturday and Jeremy decided on Gumbo Pizza. It was good, I'm not much of a gumbo person... but it was good. The cracklins were the best though.

2. I'm about to have to get some grandma glasses holder for my neck, I can't keep up with them at all. I've tried to not wear the geeky glasses much to work, my kids don't get it and just annoy the mess out of me about them. So when I had no choice I knew what kind of day I'd have. Just so happens that day led to the Emo moment at WalMart.

3. After two days of a Whole30 and no coffee to speak of I was going bonkers. I just like to drink something hot in the morning. I ended up making a Whole30 approved coffee creamer that gets the job done, I'll share it later.

4. Birchbox. It came in late this month, but it didn't disappoint. Is it weird that I love samples this much? I can't seem to use my samples fast enough, which totally justifies the $10 a month for the samples. That box is about 3 months worth of what I haven't used up yet.

5. Pinterest saved my life yesterday. I was sick as a dog of what I was eating for breakfast so I had eggs baked in an avocado and it was divine. It seems super sketchy on the texture, but I promise you it was good! You just had to bake the thing at 425 for 15-20 minutes.