25 Days of Christmas//Christmas Candy

December 23, 2012

Every year my mom makes fudge, does that mean I can make fudge? Not one bit. Apparently that skill wasn't passed in the gene pool. I can make fudge sauce that stays at a sauce consistency even when in the freezer for hours...yeah I'm that good at fudge. There are a few things I do, and can make. It just irks me that a person can make a souffle ands gets their butt handed to them over fudge. Fudge! 

Moving on...

Here are some Christmas treats that have recently caught my eye...and I really should be making them sometime between now and the end of Christmas break. 

Chocolate Bark

Easy Fudge with Pretzels

Matzo Almond Brittle

Praline Pieces

Source: epicurious.com via Jen on Pinterest

Christmas Candy Bark

Christmas Lollipops

Source: justataste.com via Dani on Pinterest

Bing Candy

Maple Sponge Candy

Candy Cane Oreo Cookie Bars

Coal Candy

Chocolate Dipped Praline Pretzels


Peanut Butter Balls