December 12, 2012

I thought I would break up the holiday posts just to journal how I'm feeling right now. There are only a few hours left for 12-12-12 and like all my previous posts, I love going back and seeing what I thought at that time. 

-It finally got legit cold here. Happy dance! Nothing makes me happier than cold weather. 

- I know you know that today is 12-12-12, but I sadly was told it far too many times. One of my favorite kids kept telling me it was the "Golden Day" and wanted me to look up activities to do. This child is so full of information it just blows my mind. I thought I knew obscure facts, he has me beat. I was a little disappointed that my favorite teacher websites didn't have a fun video or anything really for today. The kids would have really appreciated it...uh hmm (cough) Brain Pop. 

- I have been in an insane sour puss mood, and I am starting to attribute it to envy. I hate college classes, but I miss the freedom that comes with a month long break. Just kinda wanna punch people, but I'll refrain. It doesn't help that we get a short Christmas break and a long Mardi Gras. I would much prefer the 2 week Christmas I use to get in North LA. 

- The women's Christmas party at church is this Friday, as well as the youth lockin. I'm gonna die. I seriously need a writing mood to hit me at just the right time. I have one day left and a testimony written (I was asked to give it) and nothing that really fancies me about it. I just don't know where to go, or what to do with it. I feel like my "testimony" is more of a lets chat over coffer experience. It just spans so many years that it is hard to condense. Maybe I should just write a novel based on it and call it a day! Ha!

- Speaking of the lockin, here is my game plan. Come home from work at 3:30pm. Sleep until I have to be at the church around 6pm. Women's Party. At 9pm the youth lockin starts and doesn't end until 9am. Come home. Sleep until 1pm Saturday when we take the kids to see the Hobbit. Tacky Christmas Party at 5:30. Sleep. Church at 8am Sunday...hibernation. Done. 

-I'm gonna die. 

-As much as I need sleep. And I mean need sleep to survive as a remotely happy nonviolent individual. God is going to need to do a major intervention on me after work Friday. That never proves to be my best day. 

-On a happier note. Siesta Scripture Memory Team 2013 starts in January and I have already requested that an official spiral show up in my stocking. I memorized all of 2011 only to not have the funds to attend the conference in 2012. This year I will save every penny I find so that I can actually go! Who wants to do it with me? 

Now it's bed time. 

Love y'all:)