Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday

November 14, 2012

I haven't had the chance to participate in Michelle's Oh How Pinteresting in ages...so let's get started!

Here are a few of my favorite DIY's floating around Pinterest lately:

Throw Pillow Slip Cover - from old sweaters

Source: hgtv.com via Emily on Pinterest

Hot Glue Gun Tree Skirt
Source: indulgy.com via Emily on Pinterest

Tiered Stand as a Coffee Station when guests are in town.

Spray clear gloss spray paint on cheap jewelry to keep it from turning!
Source: xppinkxx.com via Emily on Pinterest

How to make Fire Cider - an all natural cold and flu remedy

And finally the coolest trick ever: Spray Pam on wet nails to dry them instantly

What are is your favorite DIY or tip you have found on Pinterest?

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