{fried pickles}

March 3, 2010

Have you ever had fried pickles? If your answer is no you're seriously missing out. There is a restaurant back home {Fish Fry} that makes the best ones in the universe. I've had them at a restaurant in Monroe...but they didn't shine a light on the ones back home.

Make your own:
Step {1}

Get out your masa, hamburger pickles, cajun seasoning, a skillet, and cajun seasoning.


Scoop a few tablespoons of masa onto a plate and season with cajun seasoning. Bread your pickles in the masa mixture.

Meanwhile, get your oil heating up in your skillet. You only need a very shallow amount, just enough for the pickles to sit in, no floating. Unless you have a deep fryer.


Make sure your generously cover the pickles with masa. In the middle of doing this I realized it may be easier if I stuck it in a Ziploc bag...and cleaner.


Fry those puppies until they are golden brown. I only had a shot of one...the rest of them cooked faster than I expected. Make sure you don't have your oil too hot like I did.


Dip in ranch dressing and eat up!