Nutella Hot Chocolate & Tree Decorating with a 2 Year Old

November 23, 2012

Tonight my mom and nephew started decorating the tree at my parent's house. It's only been, oh, 20 years since there was a 2 year old around the Christmas tree. Let's just say boy's aren't nearly as gentle as girls. This little dude had me cracking up at the things he was saying and doing. I also noticed just how many ornaments from the early 90's and elementary school decked my Mother's tree. We weren't the craftiest children, and I had a habit of cutting off my bangs before a teacher decided to paste my picture to an ornament made in class. 
His decorating skills were also questionable, notice that every ornament he hung is on the same branch! He also chunked a few breakable ornaments across the living room. I can almost bet that he will be seeing a lot of the Time Out corner this holiday season. 

He also decided at some point that he would turn tree decorating into a basketball game. Joshua proudly proclaimed "It's tree basketball!" I now totally understand why people don't have breakable ornaments. Granted I don't have but maybe two at my own house, and we are totally childless, but the amount of glass a tiny broken ornament creates is unreal. 
After lots of decorating, and trying to get Josh to put the star on the tree...which ended terribly, Jeremy decided he wanted hot chocolate. With the amount and variety of chocolate in this house right now we checked out our favorite website on earth and came up with what we were doing, and Nutella Hot Chocolate was born in the Cater house. 
Nutella Hot Chocolate
serves 3
3 cups of fat free milk or almond milk
6 tbsp of Nutella
1/4 cup milk chocolate chips
1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Combine all of the ingredients in a sauce pan over medium to med-high heat. Whisk constantly until Nutella and chocolate chips are melted and the liquid is warm. Serve with Cool Whip or whip cream. 

How do you decorate your tree? Fancy or with homemade ornaments made?