Confessional Thursday...because we might as well get things out in the open.

November 15, 2012

- I've recently noticed that I have somewhere around 3,000 pins. Yeah, I haven't made them all.

- I seriously miss Psychology stuff, and I am kinda sorta jealous that my husband is in school doing things I like while I am teaching.

- This whole carb cycling thing has been super hard. Today a kid brought me two chocolate chip cookies. I didn't eat them...but the thought nearly ate me alive.

 - I absolutely despise the college kids that live next door. I am sorry but loud music and a fire pit at 9pm is ridiculous. Plus a fire pit is what caught our attic on fire in June. Makes me far too paranoid.

- The boots I had on last night were in fact not boots at all...they were slippers. But in my defense I said my feet hurt and I wanted to wear them and Jeremy said go for it:)

- I did get on the not eating junk thing until last night and I had pumpkin pie. 

- I would give anything to feel like I have down time, like the boredom filled type. A year ago I felt like that was all I had, now I want an hour of that back. Funny how that works. 

-I haven't worked out this week at all. Monday I was sick, Tuesday I had tutoring and no time, Wednesday I didn't have time. I feel like such a bad person for not working out:( I always make sure to at least get my 10,000 steps daily on my Fitbit...yeah not even close this week.

- In line with not working out at all I realized that when I am feeling overwhelmed that is what I need to let go of. I nearly work myself into exhaustion when I pack my schedule even tighter by forcing myself to workout when I have an hour in between things. 

- I don't clean nearly as much as I should. Those daily cleaning charts on Pinterest just make me feel overwhelmed. I'd rather clean on Saturday when I have free time instead of packing it in all week. 

- The dogs don't get bathed nearly as much as they should. 

Okay now, am I crazy or do y'all have these same problems? What do you need to confess:)