Wedding Venue Spotlight: Albany Plantation, Hammond, LA

September 25, 2012

When it comes to wedding picking the venue can be the hardest part. 

You have to look at cost, seating, lighting, set up, food, and how the reception layout will be. When you finally start looking at the number of guests you either see a crowd or try to figure out who you can get away with not inviting to keep the cost down. 

When we were married I desperately wanted to be married in the chapel at my home church, problem was they were tearing it down and doing a massive renovation on the actual sanctuary that wouldn't be done until the week of our wedding. Not exactly the kind of stress a bride needs. 

We thought about several different places before landing on Twin Oaks plantation in Natchez, MS. The wedding turned out beautiful and the food was amazing, After our little plantation experience I have suggested going that route to anyone who asks. There is just something beautiful about an outdoor wedding in a classic southern plantation. 

Even though we are married and not re-doing this thing anytime soon or ever I still like to check out venues and imagine how I would plan a wedding there. One particular Louisiana plantation I have found out about lately is Albany Plantation in Hammond. 

Instead of rambling on I'll just share pics with you, because let's face it we read wedding posts for the pictures anyway. These were taken at a recent event at Albany, you can check out their website for some really great wedding pictures of the venue. 

 I can just imagine setting this room up for a great reception with a huge dance floor, tons of Christmas lights and beautiful table arrangements. Okay I need to stop before I insist we get remarried. 

 Would that not be the best place to have the actual ceremony, I can just imagine a bride walking cross the balcony and down the stairs where everyone could see her. 
 If you saw my photos from Italy you know how much I love old iron anything. This would make for beautiful photos, it reminds me of a plantation back home. 
Where did you get married? If you could do it again would you pick the same location? 

If you have a wedding venue you would like to have in the Spotlight email me at labrideblog[at]gmail[dot]com.