Catch up - in bullet point form

September 6, 2012

This week has been crazy and I've got a few things to share so let's do this bullet point style. 

- First off you may remember the Fashion to Figure giveaway a few months ago, well they just sent their fall coupon to me and I thought I'd share. 
Spend $75/get $25 off
Spend $150/get $50 off
Spend $225 /get $75 off

- Second! My good friends Ryan and Rachel opened their new online store The Happy Factory last month. Here is what Ryan says about The Happy Factory:

The Happy Factory is the shop of Rachel and I, where we sell handmade goods such as screenprinted posters, small sketchbooks, and whatever else strikes our fancy. The screen printing is primarily my job, while Rachel is busy hand sewing and designing books. We wanted to create a small shop, not focused on quantity of products, but rather, focused on producing the highest quality items we can with our hands.

In this era of mass-manufactured, processed stuff, we realized we wanted to make things that felt like we made them just for you.

Here are a few of their products:
They have amazing hand sewn hard back sketch books. It just blows my mind that people I know actual made such cool products.
Ryan and Rachel also make Ampersand Prints, which I think would just be too cool at a wedding.
I really can't say enough nice things about these two. Ryan is a great graphic designer and Rachel is an amazing photographer, put that in a marriage and you get the most creative people I've met. I'd love to borrow their brains. So check them out, tweet them, buy their products. They are totally awesome and so is The Happy Factory.  

- Joshua started 2 year old preK today. Seems like just yesterday I was dead asleep when my sister went into labor and Mom rushed Jeremy and I out of the house. It is bitter sweet, I love the tiny baby stage. He was such a fluffy little guy. Then again 2 is such a hilarious age. He constantly cracks me up with what he says, apparently when my dad picked him up from school today he asked is he could drive home! 

When he was born I couldn't picture him like this now. If we could just freeze frame this age I'd be so happy. He won't think his MeMe and Uncle Jeremy are this awesome forever, or maybe he will. But I doubt when he is 15 he will want to have sleepovers with us when we come to stay. 

- I made a few things for the youth room at church lately. First I did another painted cork board for prayer requests/praises. After that was hung I pulled out the ole Pinterest app and looked up how to do those really neat chalkboard drawings. 

For the spray paint colors and good painters tape are your best friend. You can create any pattern you'd like with it. 

Here are the two tips I learned. 
1. Always use wet chalk or a wet chalkboard. I kept a small cup of water and dipped my chalk in it when it dried a little.
2. Find a font you like and model your writing/drawing after it. It will help you get more ideas about how to draw letters, and escape your own handwriting. 

- My little Ellie Mae turned 6 this week. I just love her so. We cuddled on the couch yesterday before I had to leave for church. 

- Last but not least. I have had the worst time sleeping lately. As soon as I'm asleep I start with work related nightmares. I've tried every over the counter and holistic remedy I can think of. If y'all have any ideas or advice leave a comment or email me. 

What have y'all done this week?