My Graduate Wife Journey [Part 2]

September 20, 2012

After reading one of my favorite blogs The Graduate Wife I decided to share my journey, some you may know. Other parts I haven’t shared. For a few of our new LABride friends this is totally new. To catch up read Part One.

We were excited, I can’t deny that. However, everything that went into Jeremy actually going to this particular graduate program was less than stellar.
Immediately we realized we couldn’t afford to have two people living in two separate houses, in two separate parts of the state on one measly teacher salary. We just as well could have just quite both jobs and moved into a box at that rate. Many ideas were thrown out, very few stuck.

We knew for sure Jeremy would move into the dorms, not exactly the ideal situation for a married 27 year old who never lived in dorms before, but the best solution for his end of the deal. My living arrangement was the tricky part. First Jeremy suggested I move in with a teacher from his school, umm no can do I had two dogs and a house full of stuff. Next on the list was getting a girlfriend to move in, needless to say all the single ladies had a much cheaper set up than what I was offering and none were looking for roommates. I thought about moving in with my Life Group teacher, but her daughter was moving back and I again…had two dogs. A couple we were friends with were going to move in and then take the house when we left, it was decided on all parts that was too weird.

Finally, while I was at a Lifeway Women’s event with my beloved Life Group I got a call that a few of Jeremy’s guy friends were looking at the house. I melted down, like sat in bed sobbing “melted down” in front of other people. I rarely, very rarely cry in front of other people. I had mentally had enough of the whole finding a roommate idea. But the guys moved in none the less, because there was no one else.

With the idea of Jeremy moving away soon and leaving me in Monroe with two guys and teaching in what I consider hell I pushed the holidays aside. I didn’t feel like celebrating or decorating. For the first time since I have lived alone and in my entire life I didn’t decorate a single thing. We went home for Christmas, but that was the most I “celebrated”. 
The week after New Year’s Jeremy moved out, the guys moved in, and I had to adjust to a new normal. I wasn’t totally sure I would see Jeremy for the next two months and was almost positive that would be on my birthday. Five hours was just too long distance to drive back and forth every weekend.

Oh and the roommate situation? We can sum that up quick. Not so great. It just doesn’t work putting someone in a house with two single guys after they’ve lived alone for 5 years. Marriage was a big enough adjustment and we hadn’t been married but a year and a half; I was not exactly a roommate gal.

Being in the middle of my internship didn’t make any of this any better. I was constantly being observed by my professor from the university and bombarded with observations from the school as well. I was five months from graduation and stuck like a duck.  

What is your craziest roommate situation? Or the funniest?
I had a few interesting one in college, I once overheard my roommate tell her friends she was a cutter because of skinny white girls. Cue skinny white girl me in the bathroom completely unknown. That was awkward to walk out of the bathroom to.