Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off to Rome We Go.

November 29, 2011

In less than two weeks we will be boarding a plane headed for Rome. 

While I am so excited about this adventure, especially since it is the first one like it as a married couple, I am also terrified. You see, when I went to England 10+ years ago I was sick as a dog the entire trip. I never felt nausea, but the smell of food immediately make me start up chucking my life out. I can't stop worrying that that will happen again, and that I will not enjoy the trip quite as much. 

While reading the Duggar book this past week I saw something Michelle Duggar said about wearing Sea Bands and thought "I have those!" So after an immense amount of digging through my old high school stuff I uncovered my pressure bracelets. I also realized that while flying I never once felt sick (I had the bracelets on constantly), but within an hour of exiting the plane the puking started. So just in case I will be wearing those Sea Bands for the whole trip haha!

Switching gears...packing mania is about to start. I am a planner and a week before we leave I plan to start packing. I hope to fit all of our stuff into two backpacks/carry-ons and a rolling duffle. I have heard rolling up your clothes gives you more room, but I think I will take the gallon zippy bag route in order to organize by day and then put the dirty clothes back in for safe keeping. I also plan to take a small thing of detergent so I can wash undies in the sink at night. 

Well I planned to make this post longer, but Jeremy just got home from class and need the lap top to start taking his finals. If you have any international travel tips please PLEASE share them in the comment section:)