{the least surprising verdict on prime time}

November 7, 2011

Who else heard the Conrad Murray verdict today? 

I honestly was not surprised that they found him guilty. But honestly there were a lot of guilty people here. Michael Jackson supposedly took things without Murray "knowing" and let's not forget that dermatologist that got him hooked on demerol. Of all things to get hooked on though, demerol? It makes me sick. Sick sick. 

However, I expected more emotion from Murray. I would have at least made a face.

I think Latoya Jackson might have expressed enough emotion for everyone involved-she came off as kind of a nut on camera. Personally I thought her little spill after the verdict sounded a bit like an Academy Awards acceptance speech. Crazy. 

It really seems to me like money drove this whole ordeal. $100,000 a month to drug up Jackson at home. And let's not forget he was filming a documentary during the trial that reportedly rode in the car with him to the verdict today to get his reaction before hand. All to pay his legal fees. Money money. 

Honestly, I didn't want the guy to be found guilty because I was a huge MJ fan growing up (my first album ever was Thriller). So the nuts with that point of view are a bit off to me. I did think Murray should be found guilty due to negligence. He just made mistake after mistake. It didn't help that so much of it was speculatory. 

Hopefully this guy get the Paris Hilton treatment and gets to stay in the county jail or house arrest...his high profile-ness would get him taken down quick in the real deal with no security. 

Well, what do y'all think? Should he get the Paris treatment, or full blown prison? Was he rightly given the guilty verdict?