Jazz Half Marathon/5K

November 15, 2011

A few weeks ago we went to New Orleans Halloween weekend and ran in the Jazz Halfmarathon. Well, Jeremy ran the half, I opted for the 5k. You couldn't drag me tied up behind a truck for a half marathon. However every time I say I am not a runner while I am wearing the new running shoes Jeremy agreed to let me get he gives me an awful glare. But let's face it, some people just don't run unless they are being chased.

I for one an a only run when being chased person.
How do y'all like those hot orange gloves? Hot right?!? I didn't think much of the ugly things until we got the pics back. Jeremy handed them to me before we started running because it was cold and told me to trash them if I got hot. Needless to say I didn't put them on until I was waiting on him to finish (for an hour) in the cold and needed them. Then I pranced on over to have my picture made all rag muffined out with these sexy gloves! Gag. It looks like pumpkins are crawling out of my jacket.

During the race I only ran to keep the couple in front of me from not finishing before me. Yes I found motivation by creating mental vendettas with total strangers. And I won't lie, when old ladies started to pass me I picked up the pace. All of which helped this non-runner to finish middle of the 5K in under 45 minutes averaging 12 min/mile. I didn't even know I had a goal until I started falling out of the first group, then I picked up and ran.

Jeremy did much better than I did, but the guy is a natural runner. His goal was to finish in 2 hours, and he did it in 2 hr and 9 minutes. Without walk/running like I do:)

Poor thing is running a full marathon in December. Hope he survives, the best runners we know claim full marathons are no fun at all. I will be happily watching at the finish when he comes in, until then I will be sleeping. No senese in getting up to sit around for 5 hours and wait.

So do you run? If you do what are some good running tips?