A Christmas Card Time of Year

November 28, 2011

It is that time of year again in our little household...the time where I constantly try to bribe Jeremy into taking a Christmas picture with me. I imagine it will be much easier once we have kids, but these days it takes a lot of convincing. Luckily he is totally game this week, yay me!

We decided to get our cards from Tiny Prints this year and I can honestly say this is becoming quite the tough choice. Knowing that the picture and color quality are a shoe in, and that the paper will be stellar, it has now been narrowed down to a few specific cards. 
Be Merry

Folksy Delight
I am always a sucker for old fashioned looking anything.

Colorful Collar
This card totally plays into my new love of chevron.

Colorful Wreath
Love the shape of this one! So unique.

Painted Berries

Ornament Delight

So tell me which one y'all like best! I honestly can not wait to order our cards in one of these awesome prints! 

Check out the lovely holiday cards at Tiny Prints! If you haven't already ordered your cards, like me, you won't be disappointed:)