My dogs aren't models.

December 6, 2011

Not long ago I saw this adorable dachshund picture on Pinterest. I was convinced I could be my pup to do the same and we could include in on our Christmas cards. Unbeknownst to me our girls are quite as cooperative.

Here is what I ended up with. 
Here is what our problems were:
A) They act dead when forced to do anything with a camera.
B) Lighting in this apartment is horid.
C) When I sent Jeremy to get a treat he came back with deli meat. Which equals a death match in our house. 
 Ellie immediately laid down and wouldn't move. 
 Maddie attempted to remove the lights. 
The camera just wouldn't focus. 

Bah Humbug. 

One day I will have better lighting and Ellie won't look like a rag muffin.